Bicycle battery charger

Need new-or extra-battery charger?
Search by brand for the appropriate battery charger for your bike.

Original battery chargers from suppliers that we as a bicycle brand have had years of experience with. Thus, we combine good advice with a competitive price.

Having doubts about the performance of your battery charger and/or battery? You easily perform a self-diagnosis using our checklist. The link can be found at the bottom of this page.

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Altec charger
Mifa charger
Prophete charger
Gregster charger
Devron charger
Colorado charger
X-tract charger
Talent charger
MBM charger

Is my charger or my battery defective?
If your battery won’t charge or won’t fully charge anymore, it could be due to charger, but just as much to the battery itself.
* Check



the possible malfunctions of your charger
* Check


the possible failures of your battery

Battery and charger test
Do you have doubts about the quality of your battery or charger and want a definitive answer before purchasing a new battery? Then have these tested. Read


how that works.