Bicycle battery problem: malfunction or failure?


Are you (suddenly) unable to ride as far on a full battery, does your battery not want to charge either fully or at all, or does your battery spontaneously fail even before it is empty? In the overview below, we give you a brief list of the most common causes of battery problems:

  1. Failure of

    one or more battery cells

    Sudden loss in battery capacity. Usually occurs with older bicycle batteries or bicycle batteries in poor condition (underused, not charged for too long, etc.).
    Bad cells can be replaced but repair is expensive and usually only a temporary solution. Only makes sense with young batteries that are still in good condition/condition.
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  2. Imbalance in the battery cells

    Difference in voltage between individual battery cells resulting in (large) capacity loss. Usually caused by the battery being underused or uncharged for too long.
    Sometimes allowing the battery to “refresh” will still resolve the imbalance.

  3. BMS (battery management system) malfunctions or is defective

    The bicycle battery is not charging and/or discharging properly. At best, this results in an unreliable battery.
    Replacement of the BMS is the only option,. Cost approx. €150 for a standard BMS.
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  4. Broken fuse

    Usually occurs due to a short circuit in the electrical system or battery. The battery does not provide power. The fuse can be located either internally (in the battery) or externally.
    → Replacing the fuse solves this problem.
  5. Deep-discharge
    Situation where the battery voltage has dropped below the minimum level, preventing it from charging. The BMS no longer registers that the charger is connected. This situation occurs when a dead battery is not charged in a timely manner.
    → This situation is can be disastrous for the battery. However, sometimes the battery can still be revitalized. See also under

    battery test


    In addition to battery problems, the drop in range can also be caused by (mechanical) problems with the bike or a charger malfunction. Read


    how to check the operation of the charger.