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Product Description

Bicycle battery diagnosis
Is the range of your electric bicycle not what it used to be, does the battery no longer seem to be fully charged or are there doubts about the overall performance of the battery? Then it may be time to have your bicycle battery tested. RAP can perform this test on batteries supplied by us and/or batteries we have in our delivery program.

Pre-check yourself
The problems described above can be caused by the bicycle battery but also by the charger. In addition, the problem may be in the bicycle itself. Click on the buttons below for the possible causes and scenarios as they may occur with battery and/or charger problems?

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RAP battery test
We only test bicycle batteries for which we have a replacement model in our range. We do testing as a service, which means that the cost for this is also waived if the test result is cause to purchase a new battery. You only pay the cost of sending the bicycle battery in this case.

How does a battery test work:

  1. Order the test online here and indicate in the space for an “order note” what kind of problems you are experiencing with the battery.
  2. First, fully charge the battery.
  3. Pack the battery, along with the charger and a copy of the online order, properly and preferably use protective padding material so that the battery and charger are well protected.
  4. Send the battery to RAP electric bikes, Siriusstraat 41, 5015 BT Tilburg.
    1. Preferably provided with a track & trace to so we know your battery is coming and can monitor its delivery.
  5. Upon receipt, we first check that the battery is fully charged. If not, we will continue charging the battery (if possible) until it is full and can be tested.
  6. During testing, the battery is drained as far as possible to the level where the BMS shuts down the battery.
  7. After draining, the battery is recharged. This is basically done with your own charger to determine to what extent it is still working properly. When the charger indicates that the battery is full, it checks that it is actually fully charged.
  8. After completing the test, you will receive a brief report from us by email detailing the conclusions of the test. Based on this, you can specify whether you wish to order a new battery and/or receive the old battery back.

The cost for a battery test is €29.50 incl. The cost of returning the battery. This fee is waived if you order a replacement battery from us as a result of the test result.