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Foto acculaders


Battery chargers from Phylion, Joycube and Sans with various types of connectors for charging Li-ION bicycle batteries from Amslod, Vogue, Veloci, Brinckers, VIctesse, Sundvall, Qwik, etc., among others.

Phylion XH370-14J Wall-E-S met LED en tulpstekker


Sharp prices through specialization & high turnover rates in a select number of models. We have been working with Phylion for 13 years and supply the original batteries for Vogue, Veloci, Hollandia, Rivel, Altec, Puch, Bianchi, Talent, Keiler, Troy, etc., among others. We also source batteries for Amslod directly from the original manufacturer.

Accu accessoires


Battery slides, battery locks, LED taillights, displays, control units, etc. Various accessories for the use of e-bikes and Li-ion bicycle batteries.


Suburb SD shifters
Suburb Shimano Deore
Phylion XH370 achterlicht
Tulpstekker Phyulion Li-ION acculader
Suburb disc
Phylion XH370-13J accu & lader set
Laadstekker/ -connector Phylion Joycube XH370 accu

About us

We at RAP are professionals in the field of electric bikes, specializing in bikes with hub drive combined with pedal power sensor technology. With its by now much praised IPS system, RAP has in recent years regularly received high marks in various e-bike tests. We now have over 10 years of experience with electric bicycles and the components and systems used in them. The battery, as one of the most expensive components, plays an important role in the quality of the electrical system. RAP has found in Phylion a valued partner as a supplier of Li-ION batteries for its electric bicycles.   

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Pleasantly spoken to and had all my questions answered in detail.
M. Broeks
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In Tilburg battery in my bike (Vogue Premium) tested. People from RAP were even kind enough to lift the bike out of my car with me and put it back after testing. Although my original battery had smart BMS, the battery from RAP with standard BMS also works without problems. Immediately bought the heavier variant (14J).
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Extensively compared prices and then ordered from RAP. Delivered the very next day. Unfortunately, without an invoice. Fortunately with 1 phone call quickly settled.
J. Beuning
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Took a chance and ordered "godsend." Barely distinguishable from new. Fine offer.
Sander East
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Being able to pay afterwards works fine. Order was in quickly!
A. van den Horst
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2x 14 Ah batteries ordered for 13 Ah price. Thanks Mr. Zoontjes, it was a pleasure doing business with you!
Yentl Slagter
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Had a few questions about battery type to seller. Then the correct battery was delivered just one day later. Top!
Miriam B
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Very satisfied with my new battery. Will last a long time again!