Phylion (Sans) charger for Talent with tulip plug SSLC084V42X (42V, 2A)

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Product Description

Original Phylion-Sans battery charger (model SSLC084V42XH) for Phylion XH370 batteries with tulip plug for Talent and X-tract brands. Suitable for, among others, the following models from Talent:Lne2802, Lne2803, Lne2804, 2831P, Lf28Ce02 and from X-tract: Special M


Brand: Phylion/ Sans
Item number: SSLC084V42XH
EAN : 7422246484407
Warranty: 12 months

Output voltage: 42 volts (for 36- &37V batteries)
Output current: 2A
Connection: 2-pin tulip
Length of charging cord: approximately 2.5 meters.
Weight: Approx. 600 grams
Technology: Li-ION with standard and smart BMS
Brands: Among others also suitable for Vogue, Altec, Peugeot, Puch, Evobike, Keiler etc.