Hollandia & Pelican XH370 Wall-E-S model year 2024 (EBG370-140H1S24)

As of 2024, the Phylion XH370 has received significant upgrades for Hollandia & Pelican, while retaining the familiar design. The updated battery, named EBG370 (full: EBG370-140H1S24), is seamlessly interchangeable with previous models such as the XH370-13J, -14J, -12J and -10J, allowing easy replacement/upgrade.

The battery has standard 518 Wh capacity (14 Ah) and, like the XH370, is available with standard or smart BMS. The new-and improved-battery is suitable for several Hollandia and Pelican models including the Fronta, Mobilit-E, Optima, E-street, Mimo &, Evado from Hollandia and Advanced from Pelican.

Read here in which technical points the new battery has been improved.Not sure which battery is suitable? Here choose the right battery in 3 steps.

Phylion XH370 (EBG371) smart battery for Hollandia & Pelican