Bicycle batteries

New, original branded batteries for various bicycle brands.
We source all bicycle batteries, battery chargers and accessories directly from the manufacturers with whom we have had years of experience as a bicycle brand. We stand by the quality of these products and are happy to advise you on your choice.

Original bicycle batteries with 24 months manufacturer’s warranty from the following brands:

Bicycle battery Vogue
Amslod bicycle battery
Bicycle Battery Veloci
Hollandia bicycle battery
Bike Battery Rivel
Bicycle Battery Keiler
Bicycle Battery Phylion
Bike Battery Pelican
Bicycle Battery Talent
Bicycle battery Altec
Bicycle Battery RAP
Bicycle Battery Minerva
Bicycle battery X-tract
Bicycle Battery Devron
Colorado bicycle battery
Bike Battery MBM
Bike Battery Gregster
Rodell bicycle battery
Fischer e-bike accu's
Bicycle battery Fischer
Saxonette bicycle battery
Joycube bicycle battery
Puch bicycle battery
Peugeot bicycle battery
Beaufort bikes logo
Beaufort bicycle battery

Is my battery defective or worn out?
A bicycle battery wears out (= loses capacity and thus range) through use of the battery, but also through aging due to the chemical reaction in the battery cells. Also, poor

management of the battery

can lead to loss of capacity. In addition, a faulty charger can cause a battery to stop charging fully. Click on the buttons below for possible causes and scenarios that could occur if you experience problems with your bicycle battery and/or charger.

bicycle battery problemsproblems charger bicycle battery

If you doubt the condition of your bicycle battery, have it tested. For €29.50 we determine how much of the original capacity your battery still has and whether your charger is still functioning properly. With this information, you can then make an informed decision regarding whether or not to replace the battery or charger. If you decide to purchase a new battery, the cost of testing is waived. Order

battery test here


Is my bike still worth a new bike battery?
Buying a bicycle battery requires a real investment. Hence, some people may wonder if it is still worth spending this amount on a bicycle several years old. You can look at this in different ways. Read our tips here in “
is my bike still worth a new bike battery