Phylion XH370 Wall-E-S batteries model 2024

XH370 becomes EBG370
Production of the XH370-13J has been terminated by Phylion as of the end of 2022. The XH370-13J and its temporary successor the XH370-14J have been replaced as of model year 2024 by an improved model that goes by the name EBG370 (in full: EBG-140H1S24).

Better-, 100% interchangeable battery
The EBG370 has received significant upgrades but retaining the familiar design making the battery seamlessly interchangeable with the earlier models XH370-13J, -14J, -12J and -10J. The quality of the upgraded battery has been increased thanks to a newly designed BMS, significantly improved waterproofing, more robust connectors and ditto construction, among other things. See
for benefits & details.

The EBG370 comes standard with 518 Wh of capacity (37V, 14 Ah) and is available in a version with standard or smart BMS. This makes the battery suitable for various models of Vogue, Veloci, Rivel, Hollandia, Keiler, Talent, Altec, Pelican, Minerva and more.

Choosing the right replacement battery? Check
in 3 steps which EBG370-140 is suitable.

Model RC1701:
Another model in the Wall-E-S series is the RC1701. This model is very similar to the one mentioned earlier, but has a slightly different shape and a cutout on the front for the battery lock. Unlike the previous model, the lock locks on the front of the battery, not the bottom. The battery has a standard BMS and a capacity of 518 Wh (37V, 14 Ah). There are no changes for this model in 2024.

Phylion XH370 (EBG-370) Wall-E-S
Phylion XH370-14J model RC1701
Phylion XH370 model RC1701