Phylion XH370 with smart BMS for RAP, 2024 edition. Model EBG370-140H1S24 with 518 Wh. Replaces the XH370-13J, -12J & 10J incl. LED. Free charger.


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Product Description

Discover the Phylion Wall-E-S, model 2024 (EBG370-140H1S24), with standard BMS (battery management system) for RAP. This updated- & improved battery is fully interchangeable with and replaces previous XH370 models, such as the XH370-13J, -14J, -12J and -10J incl. LED taillight. Suitable for the City 7, Suburb IPS 24 speed & Tour 8 IPS, among others.

Key improvements & specifications model 2024:

  • 100% compatible with its predecessors XH370-13J (10J, 12J and 14J)
  • Standard 518 Wh capacity (37V, 14 Ah)
  • Improved smart BMS
  • Waterproof housing (IP-rated)
  • New, improved and waterproof charging connector
  • More robustly built
  • This model has an integrated taillight

For a more detailed explanation of the 2024 model upgrade, click here.

Benefits Specifications 2024:
The battery has undergone several improvements as of edition 2024. The newly designed BMS makes the battery more efficient and reduces standby power consumption. In addition, the battery is now waterproof, significantly reducing the risk of moisture damage. The sturdier and waterproof charging connector contributes to a reduced risk of problems during charging while the construction of the battery itself is also more solid. Upgrade to the latest model and take advantage of these improvements! Because the old charger no longer works on this battery, a new charger is included as standard!

Despite the improvements made, this new and improved battery is fully compatible (interchangeable) with its predecessors in the XH370-13J (-14J, -12J and -10J) series of the Wall-E-S. In fact, the functionality and construction form of the battery are unchanged.

The battery
High quality and reliable Li-ION bicycle battery from Phylion with smart BMS (battery management system) and round tulip plug connector for charging. The bicycle battery delivers 518 Wh of capacity at 37 volts (14Ah).

Is the battery suitable for my bike?
This battery is suitable for the City 7, Suburb 24 speed and Tour 8 with front wheel motor.
You can easily check yourself in 4 steps whether this battery is suitable for your electric bike:

  1. Construction shape: the construction shape of the current battery should match that of the new battery (see photo). For this, also check the information below.
  2. Voltage: the current battery should be 36- or 37-volt type.
  3. Battery Management System: the current battery has standard BMS or the bike works with it without any problems. A battery with smart BMS is more expensive and usually unnecessary for the operation of the bicycle.
  4. Charger connector: the current charger should have a round tulip plug (looks like coax) and an output voltage of 42 volts to use it with the new bicycle battery.

More detailed explanation of these 4 steps :

Is the battery suitable for your electric bike

Live demonstration and right of return

Any questions? If so, please contact us (email or phone).
Before purchase verify that the battery fits and works on your bike? Make an appointment for a live demonstration at our office.
Ordered battery online and not satisfied? Return the battery within 14 days and get your money back (see terms and conditions).

Matching charger, battery slide and battery lock:
In many cases, the current charger from the old battery will also work on this new bicycle battery. Still need a replacement or extra battery charger order it


. You can order a new battery slide


and a new battery lock



LED taillight or not?
If your current battery has a working taillight, it will also work on the new battery without any problems. You can easily transfer the tail light to the new battery or order the new bike battery including tail light as offered here.
Prefer to order the battery excluding tail light, click

Using and charging the battery
Proper use of the battery is critical to its life and performance. The following principles are important here:

  • Keep the battery in condition by using it regularly (charging and discharging).
  • The battery performs best at a temperature of 25 – 30 degrees Celsius, but remains in best condition at lower temperatures. Store the battery pack preferably a in cool, dry environment when not in use.
  • Charge a dead battery immediately to avoid a deep discharge situation where the battery voltage drops below the level where the battery can still register that the charger is connected.

For a more comprehensive guide on how to manage and use the battery, click the button below:

Bike battery use and management tips


Item number: 10IMP18/66/133(14)-001S
Manufacturer number: P1036520
EAN: 9507546257482
Warranty: 24 months
Application: Electric bicycle 36/ 37 Volt
Brand: Phylion

Type: Li-ION
Model: EBG370-140H1S24 (Wall-E-S )
Battery management: Phylion smart BMS
Output voltage: 37 V
Capacity: 518 WH (37V – 14.0 Ah)
Length: 377 mm
Width: 150 mm
Height: 65 mm
Weight: 3.5 kg
Condition: New
Pre-charged: Yes, partially
Optional: charger, battery carriage

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