LED taillight for the Phylion XH370 (Wall-E-S) and the SF-03 (Joycube)


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Product Description

Original LED taillight:
Original LED tail light for mounting on the Phylion XH-370 luggage carrier battery pack. This model battery is used in addition to RAP by the brands Sparta, Batavus, Rivel, Hollandia, Puch, Mobion etc., among others. The taillight is Phylion’s latest design, but is interchangeable 1-to-1 with the previous design taillight (as shown in the photo of the battery in the rack) as used on the 2011-2018 batteries. Suitable for RAP, Vogue, Veloci, Puch, Peugeot, Bianchi, Talent, Sparta, Batavus, Rivel, Hollandia, Mobion etc., among others.

Mounting taillight:
The taillight is easily mounted by sliding it onto the back of the battery through the slotted holes from top to bottom. Once the tail light is in place, the contact points automatically make contact with the battery and the tail light is ready for use.

Disassembling the taillight:
Dismantling the taillight is easy by holding the battery at the rear and then using both thumbs to slide the taillight off the battery from bottom to top.

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